Association GRENA is offering complete solution to customers, ranging from initial consultations, project planning, analysis, installation, operation of network infrastructure and Internet service. Customer support is provided by high qualified team.

GRENA service includes:
  1. Internet service 
  2. European Research Network GEANT connectivity
  3. eduGAIN authentication and authorization
  4. eduroam education roaming
  5. Planning of  network infrastructure and installation
  6. Configuration of active equipment
  7. VPN connection
  8. Initial configuration and/or full maintenance of Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems IDS/IPS
  9. Network traffic monitoring and analyses (Scrutinizer, Cacti, perfSONAR, Check_MK)
  10. Videoconferences

Association GRENA is using fiber-optic channels for the provisioning of Internet service.

GRENA has three international channels for Internet connectivity that guarantees high quality of service.
Internet / Geant
WEB / MAIL Hosting
Licensed Software